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Know a young professional in need of career guidance?

Tribe And Seek: Career Coaching For Young Professionals


Leaving the organisation? Seeking a new role or a different focus?

  • Whether change is planned or unplanned, successful transitions require a clear strategy and a structured approach
  • Together we will review your experience and achievements, clarify what motivates you and identify your objectives and timeframes
  • You will generate a range of options which reflect what you are good at, what you like doing and what you want
  • You will become confident telling people why you are moving on, what you are looking for and how you bring value
  • We will advise you on your cv, prepare you for interviews and coach you on networking
  • Using our knowledge of search firms and other sources of potential opportunities, we will help you engage with the market
  • We will be your sounding board as you crystallise opportunities, re-visit your key decision factors and make your choice
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