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Know a young professional in need of career guidance?

Tribe And Seek: Career Coaching For Young Professionals


Taking stock? Considering choices? Wanting control over your future?

  • For senior people, having a plan for the next phase, whether inside the organisation or beyond, is key to personal motivation and professional success
  • You will be reinvigorated by reducing uncertainties and refreshing your thinking about personal and professional goals
  • By planning in a structured way you will clarify the next phase of your career and the options open to you on leaving
  • You will reflect on what motivates you, the contribution you wish to make and the balance between your chosen activities 
  • You will evaluate your strengths and consider where you could apply them – and explore how to build your credentials while still in your current role
  • We will assist you with preparing your personal proposition and coach you for specific applications and interviews 
  • We will guide you on how to access opportunities in the private, public and charity sectors, as well as private equity businesses

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