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Know a young professional in need of career guidance?

Tribe And Seek: Career Coaching For Young Professionals


Joining the board? Making partner? Leading a business?

  • Leadership roles make demands and present challenges that often call for a fresh approach - new roles may require broader skills or specific behavioural adjustments
  • Through one-to-one coaching, we will help you build on your areas of strength and address key aspects for development
  • Our coaching is aimed at enhancing your leadership capabilities and your capacity to meet your performance objectives
  • As senior level coaches and experienced business people we will provide you with real world challenge, stimulation and insight
  • You can focus on important attributes such as leadership style, assertiveness, listening skills, resilience and emotional intelligence
  • You will be able to reflect on personal values, preferences and motivators and understand how these may impact your performance and relationships
  • By putting the coaching into practice you will see the benefits of a different approach
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