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Know a young professional in need of career guidance?

Tribe And Seek: Career Coaching For Young Professionals


We work with business leaders to identify senior development needs

  • Development themes include leadership style, team dynamics, interpersonal skills, communication, delegation, managing conflict, mentoring and career management  
  • We extend people’s capabilities by raising awareness of positive leadership skills and behaviours, and provide a confidential setting in which to explore and realise change 
  • Our support is relevant for business leaders and senior executives, people transitioning into director or partner roles, senior lateral hires and those requiring on-boarding support 
  • We agree objectives with the organisation at the outset and review its effectiveness during and on conclusion of the programme 
  • We work with individuals and with teams - individual assessments and 360 reviews can be undertaken to add further insight
  • Our approach is practical and real world - our aim is to challenge and stimulate

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