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Know a young professional in need of career guidance?

Tribe And Seek: Career Coaching For Young Professionals

how we work

We have provided support to senior business people for many years 

  • We have held senior roles in public companies, professional partnerships, privately owned businesses, consultancies and new ventures - we understand the nature of professional and personal challenges at this level
  • We combine coaching skills with career planning and transition expertise - we provide constructive challenge and draw on practical experience
  • We double-partner with clients and support them actively as a team - we use our combined resources to help achieve the right outcome
  • We work with you as an individual taking control of your career »  or as an organisation strengthening your business »
  • We work across the corporate, financial and professional services sectors - we bring broad perspective and contribute business insight
  • We recognise that everyone has different starting points and objectives - our support is built around specific needs and agendas


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